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You Need the Help of a DUI Lawyer

March 16th, 2016

If you have been arrested for DUI and you are now fast approaching the date at which you need to present yourself to the court of law, you should not even consider going there all by yourself. What you need to do is to hire a good DUI lawyer in Los Angeles to represent your interests in the court of law and to help you get the problem solved in your favor. You can’t even imagine what type of consequences can come from your DUI arrest. 1st degree DUI charges are the softest type of charges for people who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and they are highly severe. For example, 1st degree charges mean 3 to 9 month alcohol and drug programs, fees that go as high as $1,800, 48 hours to 6 months of time in jail 6 to 10 months of having your driver’s license suspended and 3 to 5 years of DUI probation. You can imagine how harsh 2nd degree DUI charges are and not to mention 3rd offense DUI charges. I think that you now understand how important it is to hire a good DUI lawyer to represent your interests in the court of law and to help you get this problem solved in the best possible way.


A lot of people decided not to spend their money on professional services only to realize that it has been an awful mistake. I hope that you understand this and that you choose to hire a DUI lawyer, as the help of a specialist is much needed in your case. I am sure that you don’t know what the law says, I am sure that you don’t have any ideas on how to choose a strategy in your favor and I am sure that you are not 100% aware of what type of risks stand in front of you if you actually get charged with DUI. Being charged with DUI can ruin your life and I am absolutely sure that you are unaware of this. Banks will refuse to offer you loans and numerous employers will be very reticent about the idea of hiring you in spite of the fact that your credentials are excellent and in spite of the fact that you are highly qualified for the job. Are you ready for such a stigma? I know you are not, so hire a good DUI lawyer to represent you in the court of law.


What to Do Once You Get Arrested for Suspected DUI

March 11th, 2016


Have you ever thought about the consequences that you may probably face after dealing with your DUI charge? People unfortunately do not think that a DUI charge matters so much. What people seem to forget about DUI charges is that you will have two records that will give you so many headaches for

a very long time. One of those cases is a driving record with the DMC and the other record is criminal one and this may stay on your record for life! You may face all of these hassles even when you have not had any records before. That is why the best thing to do is hire a DUI attorney in San Diego as soon as possible in order for you to have the right legal representation that you need to get you out of the DUI charge without suffering permanent records on your name.

One of the biggest things people forget during their DUI arrest is to observe if everything is done legally. Police officers may be the ones who are implementing the law but it doesn’t mean that they don’t unconsciously break the law especially when it comes to gathering of evidences like breathalyzer tests, blood tests and others. Sobriety tests are not really required by law and therefore you have the right to decline it however, if the police insist that you do it, then you may report this to your DUI attorney. Also, you have the right to decline to a breathalyzer test especially if you are above 21, so if you think that the results can put you in a compromised position during your arrest, then you can decline. If you are sure that you are will not have a high BAC that will land you in a DUI arrest, then you can submit to a required blood test because the results will not matter if it falls below the legal BAC limit.

Lastly, if your license got suspended, you have to remember that you have a maximum of 10 days to request for a license suspension hearing and your DUI lawyer can discuss this with you. Once you are given the chance to call a legal representative, call a DUI lawyer right away as they can help sort out your DUI problem and the can have an initial consultation with you right away. Check out the San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros! They have the best lawyers in San Diego! Get more info on their site today!

Legal Assistance for Car Accident Cases

March 11th, 2016

car accident

Car accidents are caused by a wide range of related factors. These factors may include an old car with faulty mechanisms, a torrential downpour, rugged roads, a drowsy driver, and other unexpected hazards. These factors often coincide in just the right way to cause car-related accidents ranging from minor crashes to major road pileups. To maintain safety on the road, a driver must make sure to not only consider personal preservation and safety but also take into account external factors that are usually beyond their control. Driving defensively is a basic rule of the road when it comes to safety, but some accidents are simply unavoidable.

Nowadays, it has become a common occurrence to see people getting arrested for driving under the influence or DUI of alcohol and other prohibited substances like regulated and illegal drugs. Throughout the history of automobiles, it has been made clear that driving while drunk is never a good idea. This is why the government and law enforcers have become more and more stringent with the implementation of laws on driving and substance control. Examples of these laws include mandatory wearing of seat belts and following the indicated speed limits for a road. Violating these laws will incur heavy fines among other sanctions. These laws have been created to help ensure the safety of the public and set standards on driving responsibly.

Although it is still best to avoid accidents completely, people can rest assured that service providers can readily assist them with their needs. For unavoidable accident cases, it is highly recommended that they seek the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney from an established law office.

In cases where an accident has already happened, the parties involved will usually undergo legal processing. During this phase, each party will present its case; consult with their insurance provider, and demand appropriate compensation if applicable. These negotiations can be very taxing to individuals who are not familiar with how legal proceeding works. The appropriate assistance in dealing with this type of procedure can be provided by law offices that are highly experienced and easily accessible within the city. Individuals can of to enlist the services the best legal services of a car accident attorney Los Angeles can provide. These highly qualified law offices specialize in handling cases related to road accidents and are ready to help clients through the processing and settlement of legal obligations.

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